Introducing CyberConnect FanClub

- a pilot for the new Link3 loyalty program feature

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A strong community is knitted together with a shared mission and endless pieces of contributions toward that mission. It is by every act of everyone building that we have public squares, and by everyone speaking up we have vox populi, and by everyone taking back the ownership of data and cherishing it that we can have a decentralized, open internet. Remarkable human endeavors are always collective feats made of small actions.

But how, in simple words, do communities guide the members to meet the collective goals and properly recognize every each one of them over time?

Link3 introduced W3ST (Web3 Status Token, pronounced as West) last year to carry the significance of contribution in time and effort in an on-chain, verifiable, and non-transferrable manner. Now we are stepping up the community feature game with a huge move so every kind of contribution can be quantified, accumulated, and immediately recognized and rewarded within the community. And first, we bring the biggest yet contribution and reward program to the CyberConnect community.

Introducing the CyberConnect FanClub Loyalty Program

It is live now and as a pilot first available to the CyberConnect community. Check it out, play around, and earn rewards now at

Rewards are raffled out every week, with the first week featuring 200 Mystery Boxes (worth a total of $50,000 - $100,000) and 100,000 Mini Shards. Read on to learn more.

Want a quick summary of how you can participate and win prizes?

  • Mint a ccProfile and claim a FanPass on

  • Engage with @CyberConnectHQ Twitter on a weekly basis to earn points.

  • Interact with the dApps built on CyberConnect and engage with the protocol on a daily basis to earn points.

  • Redeem your points for raffle tickets and get on the chance of winning prizes every week!

Let’s use the CyberConnect FanClub as an example and take you through step-by-step the workings of Contribution Activities, FanPoints, and Rewards.

Before we get started, you should first become a member of that community to get access to the FanClub loyalty program. In our case here, mint a ccProfile at if you haven’t done so. Then claim a free and unique FanPass.

An example FanPass
An example FanPass

Contribution Activities

Contributions can take any form, be they on-chain or off-chain, as long as it is verifiable. Every community may have different goals and value systems that determine what actions should be recognized and for how much. Naturally so, the contribution activities at FanClubs can always be customized by community admins.

In the case of CyberConnect, we have the following categories of contributions: Social Twitter Engagements, CyberConnect Protocol Engagements, Referrals, and Previous Contributions.

Twitter Engagements

  • You will need to connect and verify your Twitter account before proceeding.

  • Engage with Tweets by @CyberConnectHQ within that week or create content and mention @CyberConnectHQ. Come back to check and claim the points.

Find more details and start earning now by heading to

CyberConnect Protocol Engagements

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol. Different dApps, Link3 being only one of them, build on top of the protocol and leverage different protocol components. Social data and identity on CyberConnect protocol are shared across dApps in the ecosystem so no matter where you are, all the engagements with the CyberConnect protocol will stay with your ccProfile identity and contribute back to the protocol.

Go explore different apps built on top of CyberConnect and experience all the fun Web3 native social features. Play and earn points through the following contribution activities:

  • Collect an EssenceNFT

  • Create a post

  • Like a post

  • Comment

  • Follow a profile

Currently, you can complete some of these engagements on Link3. There are more dApps building on top of the CyberConnect protocol coming up after the Connected 2023 hackathon.


Every FanClub member has a unique referral link that new members can use to join. For each successful referral, both the referrer and the referee will receive extra FanPoints as rewards! Additionally, the referrer will get 10% of the referee’s earnings in FanClub. Please note that the referral rules are subject to change for anti-bot purposes.

Previous Contributions

There is also an additional category of special contributions:

  • Historical Engagements: one-off points to claim based on your previous verifiable contributions such as the amount of W3STs claimed in the past and Twitter engagements in the last 30 days.


For every completed contribution, you will be assigned FanPoints(FP) to claim. Connect your wallet on the FanClub page and check on each contribution for the eligible points.

Levels and Total FanPoints

Points claimed will accumulate on your FanPass as Total FanPoints and you will move up the levels accordingly.

Level testifies to your total standing in terms of contribution to the community over time. This is one of the most key info that communities distinguish actual core long-term contributors from mere window shoppers. Expect this to have significance down the line.

FanPoints & Level
FanPoints & Level


FanPoints vary by contribution. And for those contributions that are not one-off, there might be daily or weekly caps to the total points claimable from that activity.

  • Contributions with daily caps.

    Currently, points for every CyberConnect Protocol Engagements contribution are capped for every day. It refreshes at 0:00 UTC every day.

  • Contributions with weekly caps.

    Currently, points for every Social Twitter Engagements contribution are capped for every week. It refreshes at 0:00 UTC every Sunday.


Incentives and rewards are essential for keeping a large community thriving towards the shared vision. Valuable contributions should be duly recognized and rewarded in a timely manner.

Besides long-term recognition and future rewards according to Levels and Total FanPoints, CyberConnect FanClub has weekly grand raffles. Raffle tickets to each weekly raffle can be redeemed with FanPoints at a cost of 500 FPs and the quantity you purchase is not limited.

Currently, there are two kinds of prizes to be won:

  • Mystery Boxes:

    currently the most prestigious perks in the CyberConnect/Link3 ecosystem. Limited in total supply and currently traded on OpenSea, Mystery Boxes can be opened for Shards and other perks. Learn more about Mystery Boxes and Unboxing here.

  • Mini Shards:

    Just like the Shards from opening Mystery Boxes, each Mini Shard has a T-value of 1. You can hold multiple Shards and these values add up. Shards utility will be announced later this year. Learn more about Shards here.

CyberConnect is kicking off the FanClub loyalty program with a prize pool for the first week of the launch. 200 Mystery Boxes (worth a total of $50,000 - $100,000) and 100,000 Mini Shards will be raffled out on Mar 16th, Thursday, 07:59 GMT+8.

Join and start earning points now

Stay tuned and check back regularly to learn about future raffles. Rumor has it, Web3 social summer is coming and we are all just growing bigger and stronger.

The CyberConnect FanClub loyalty program is just a pilot case before we roll out the feature to more top communities on Link3.

Together with W3STs that are unique to the occasion and specific to the roles, FanClub's customizable toolkit and the quantifiable FanPoint system will bring community building and contribution recognition to a new level.

Stronger connections between communities and members will be the cornerstones of a thriving world that is not just decentralized and individual-sovereign but also filled with a sense of belonging and purpose. Link3 and CyberConnect are here to empower that.

About CyberConnect

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol with identity sovereignty for mass adoption and network effects. It enables users to create profiles as the anchor of users’ decentralized identities. With CyberConnect, users own their social graph, content, monetization channels, and social data allowing them to travel across several dApps seamlessly without having to recreate their network on every new platform.

CyberConnect protocol was launched in November 2021, as the first social graph protocol published. As of Mar 13th, 2023, CyberConnect has 350k user profiles and 290k monthly active users who have done more than 2.8M transactions.

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A collectible version of this article is available on Link3. You will also be able to comment, like, and subscribe to the author on Link3.

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