September 2nd, 2022

Making NFTs Cool Again

We travel back to the golden decades of the 70's and 80's to bring you a drop of NFTs that provide much more than strategic design services. Just as the Mediterranean coasts brought many visitors to enjoy our culture, now we want to attract the best builders of the Web3 ecosystem to create with us Beach Coolers.

The Brand3 CC0 that will offer unique experiences and that we want to evolve with the participation of the community.

“Every revolution starts with an idea”
* Free Leaders On Collective

“Those who drink create. And, those who create, build brands.”

What happens when designers, builders and strategists work in a decentralized ecosystem?

You get FLOC*. Welcome to Beer Szn.

Started as a group of freelancers, FLOC* is building Brand3, Web3’s creative collective. FLOC* has a reputation for being the cross between Web2 and Web3, and it has now decided to take the next step in fulfilling its ultimate goal:

Are brand agencies in trouble?

Decentralizing Brand

What if there was a world where designers, engineers, copywriters, and strategists were able to instantly join an agency and start working on a project that interested them?

November 21st, 2021

NFTs: La revolución del contenido en beneficio de los creadores.

Adéntrate en el artefacto que está implementándose en numerosas organizaciones para encriptar y verificar la propiedad del contenido digital. Un recorrido a través de la evolución de los Token No Fungibles aplicados en DeFi, DAOs, Web3, Metaverso y mucho más…