Noox Unlocked: Closed beta is here

Closed beta is here

Today, we are excited to release our closed beta to the early contributors of Noox. Those who have participated in the Noox Awakens campaigns are eligible for the beta, and you must hold any one of three Noox Awakens POAPs or Noox Genesis Pass to access it. Owning these will allow you to sign up and create a profile to start collecting your Web3 badges.

During the closed beta, users will be able to 1) explore, 2) collect, and 3) share their web3 achievements based on their historic interaction with various decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.


Explore different projects and achievements on Noox.


Collect your achievements as non-transferable NFTs.


Share your achievements on Twitter and other social platforms.

Noox Badges

The vision of Noox is to build a protocol that allows anyone to program their own rules and transform them into claimable badges.

For the closed beta, we’re releasing a total of 112 badges created from analyzing relevant contracts of 50 decentralized applications and project ecosystems.

To name a few projects:

  • DeFi: Uniswap, SushiSwap, MetaMask
  • NFTs: BAYC, CryptoPunks, SuperRare
  • DAOs: Moloch, MetaCartel, NounsDAO
  • Ecosystem: Mirror, Gitcoin, ENS

Until the launch of a community-curated open protocol, we will continue to analyze various types of Ethereum contracts & transaction data and collaborate with projects & community members to add new badges.


As previously announced, those who participate in the closed beta will have an opportunity to participate in a “Claim-to-Earn” campaign (read announcements here).


  • The campaign is divided into 4 equal batches and each batch lasts for 1 week.
  • At the end of each batch, the % of $NOOX each user is eligible to receive is calculated by dividing the total number of badges you claimed by the total number of badges claimed for that entire batch.
  • If a total of 100 badges were claimed during the 1st batch, and if you claimed 10 badges, then you are eligible for 10% of $NOOX for that batch.

We will share the link to the ‘Claims Page’ where users can claim eligible rewards for 1) their participation in the Noox Awakens, and 2) the Claim-to-Earn campaign during closed beta.

In addition, there will be a separate survey at the end of the closed beta, so please stay tuned and get your chance to earn an additional $NOOX.

If you have any further questions about anything, please refer to our FAQ page or contact us on our Discord.

We are entering a new phase

It’s been around 4 months since we first released our MVP to a group of 50 friends and core community members. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to analyze and reflect on their feedback and to make necessary improvements to our product, both the front-end app and the back-end protocol design.

Once again, we are stoked to be releasing our closed beta to early contributors and community members. Your feedback is extremely important as we invent new ways for web3 users to express and interact with others. Be sure to join our Twitter and Discord to share your feedback and follow our latest updates.

Now then...✨

“Achievement Unlocked”

Enjoy collecting 👑

About Noox

Noox is a platform for Web3 users to mint badges based on on-chain actions. These badges will be soulbound NFTs that cannot be transferred. In this way, the NFTs that people own are unique identifiers, and will be used as their on-chain identity to unlock new opportunities.

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