February 13th, 2022

The text introduces Free Ross DAO as a DAO that not only wants to mobilize money but wants to influence legal structures. Free Ross DAO comprises two ethical questions: 1) Should we have free and anonymous online markets? And 2) Should a DAO be able to influence legal structures?

The ethics of Free Ross DAO

Can a DAO free a prisoner? And influence politics and the law? Free Ross DAO wants to do exactly this. The DAO has three main goals: 1) share Ross Ulbricht’s work with the world, 2) free him from prison, and 3) fight injustice and advance prison reform.

We’ve seen DAOs buying NFT art and mobilizing huge sums of money before, but what is new is that a DAO wants to influence legal structures and questions a decision made by legal authorities.

January 28th, 2022

Why use NEAR?

  • easy for beginners
  • fast & low fees
  • compatible with Ethereum Dapps
  • NFT marketplaces
  • new and upcoming blockchain (L1)

The main focuses of NEAR:

January 22nd, 2022

Following this Tutorial, you will:

  1. Have checked out the Avalanche wallet
  2. Added Avalanche Network to your MetaMask wallet
  3. Sent AVAX from Binance to MetaMask wallet
  4. Have swapped AVAX to PNG
  5. Staked or pooled PNG

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January 14th, 2022

Five days of DAO are over today, and if I can summarize an insight, it’s this: You can contribute to a DAO in five days, and if something stands in your way, it’s worth the thought that it might be yourself. In my case, it was definitely myself, and if I want to go further from here (what I do), I need to work on my habits and time management.

Giving me this five-day challenge was helpful for me to get started. Starting is the first big step; everything that follows is about keeping momentum and working on habits. In the last few days, I was often at my limit because I had this challenge plus my other’s life job that I needed to do. But I know I could do the same of what I did in half of the time. To play the long-term DAO game, I need to learn how to prioritize better and focus on output. Thinking is good, and everyone should do that first. But there is no value for the DAO until you put something outside.

I have to emphasize the value of a personal challenge again. For me, it felt so good to achieve those small goals every day. There was no failing, as long as I had some output to share with the world at the end of each day (even if no one would read it). And because I needed material to write about, I took much more initiative than usual.

Maybe I should check in after one month and see how my contribution at MetaGame progressed. Like in those TV shows where some ‘professionals’ turn over other people’s lives in one day. How well are they doing after one month or one year?

January 13th, 2022

My manuscript for today turned out a bit short because I was busy with training all day. I did some push-ups and lifting and forged my sword, before I went downtown to start my first quest.

My task was to write notes for a show that would take place in the municipal theatre. The guest of the show arrived riding a tamed bufficorn, and talked about taxes and the buidl brigade.

I wanted to know more but I had to balance my side job, so I left towards the inn’s guild headquarters, where the inn’s owners already waited with many problems to solve.

Something I could look forward to was the writers guild meeting! I met other writers and we discussed some ideas. It was nice, I felt welcomed and like part of the group.

January 12th, 2022

Last night I had trouble sleeping, but when the sun hit my face I knew I needed to go on. Today was going to be the day I’d make my first contribution to the DAO, or that’s what I thought.

I walked down the shallow hill seeing the village coming closer. When I arrived in the center the daily market was underway. People were chatting about the latest news, sharing ideas, and even the tavern was full, it seemed like for some people in the city the last day still wasn’t over yet. I talked to a few citizens and introduced myself as a seeker of a task.

In the midst of all the turmoil, I found the message board where people shill their adventures and finished quests. I found out that sometimes there is a guest in town and they have discussions in front of the theatre. And for those who cannot be there, someone needs to write notes about the show. So I asked around for more information about this job and reached out to some people, trying to find the right person to offer my help.

I was looking to lay low so I visited the library and brainstormed some ideas for the Playbooks. There were some setbacks with editing the Notion pages, but I quickly found someone who helped me sort them out.

January 11th, 2022

There was I standing now, with the sword in my hand, letting my gaze wander over the endless field of the Discord channels, loaded with infinite possibilities of jobs to do and conversations to have. I was ready to jump right into the DAO game, but where would I start?

Slowly I started walking, and the first person I met was a gnome named Ski. He was coming towards me with a welcoming smile, asking me what styles of writing I like to do. Ski was the one, I guessed, who gave me access to the server, and he was the one telling me about the Playbook Gallery. This is the place that holds all secrets about the writers guild's workflow and is, therefore, a very precious gift. Experience is the DAO writers’ gold mine, and thus, writing a Playbook would be the most straightforward path for me to take.

I could have directly started and dived into work: Pick up a claimable Playbook idea that someone else had proposed, or reach out to another writer and offer my help.

But I haven’t seen enough of the landscape, I thought, there must be so much more to explore. So I turned around and went off to complete some smaller tasks first. I had a to-do list in front of me, self-written with things I could do. Some of them, I realized, were too vaguely formulated or were dependent on others, so they would be hardly achieved. So, in the end, what I did was set my ETH address and write some messages here and there in the channels.

January 10th, 2022

Day 1

I never really played video games. I was this person watching the others play. It seems to me that academics also prefer watching others play; they think and they evaluate and they comment on what people do outside of academia, but they are not really hands-on themselves. Universities don’t seem like places where people do stuff. So how can I, as an academic, succeed in the world of DAOs?

I think MetaGame has found an accurate analogy for DAOs: they are open-ended games, and we are the players, who have to find our quests, and on the way, open every treasure chest we find.

If DAOs are the game, then the current broken and unfair system is our Endgegner (German words sound so final). So, how do we get better at playing so that we actually have a serious chance to win?

December 31st, 2021

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What are social tokens? And why are they social, anyway?

The “token”

Social tokens can be any crypto asset, whether fungible or non-fungible. $FWB, the social token of Friends with Benefits, is fungible, while the BAYC NFTs are unique assets that also function as social tokens.

December 8th, 2021

Or: How DAOs can increase the surface area of participation

If you're a developer, you can just hop on Gitcoin and earn crypto while contributing to DAOs. But how can you participate if you don't know how to code? Decentralized structures often come with chaos. There aren't any clear responsibilities, and the success of projects depends on initiatives. Everything is transparent, but as a newcomer, you can be easily overwhelmed by a massive amount of information. With this in mind, how you can get from your first exposure to a DAO to your first meaningful participation?


Newcomers face four main difficulties before accomplishing their first meaningful contribution to a DAO. First: They need to find a DAO that fits their values and interests. Second: The difficulty to filter important information from noise on Discord. Third: They must find a concrete starting point to position their skills. And fourth: They must understand the structures of how proposals are made to actively do things. This text suggests strategies to overcome difficulties at each of the four levels from the perspective of a newcomer, and also what DAOs can do to make participation easier.

November 29th, 2021

TL;DR: In web2 communities, participation is limited to giving and receiving cheap feedback in the form of likes, and democratic processes are inhibited by filter bubbles and echo chambers. As a result, web2 communities are narrowed down to communities of opinion. Web3 communities, on the contrary, are communities of participation because members partake in decision-making processes and financial profits. Participation is realized by shared ownership based on private ownership, which brings members skin in the game and incentivizes them to act and make good decisions. The tools of communities of participation are composability and open source. They enable the communities to share knowledge, collaborate, and build on top of each other, even beyond the individual communities’ borders.

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Over the last weeks, Constitution DAO raised over $40m from over 17k individuals to collectively bid on one of the thirteen surviving copies of the US Constitution auctioned off at Sotheby’s on November 19th. They didn’t win the bid. But they showed what crypto communities are capable of by achieving this symbolic act in a decentral manner.

However, what ConstitutionDAO did wouldn’t have been possible without the previous achievements of web2, which are communication and collaboration on a global scale in real-time. We’ve seen incredible social and political movements happening because of web2. Metoo, blacklivesmatter, and social media usage during Arab Spring had real effects on social change.

October 31st, 2021

PhilosopherDAO is exploring web3 ethics with the goal of funding philosophy outside of academia.

  • We do nuanced and in-depth research about governance, citizenship, participation, and technology.
  • We reason about the question: What moral principles should guide the development of DAOs and web3?
  • Philosophy is interdisciplinary and considers sociological and environmental perspectives.

This will help web3 communities evolve into ethical crypto societies.

In the long run, PhilosopherDAO will:

October 14th, 2021

I am the pink lion.