May 20th, 2022

What is Zeevo?

We created Zeevo for creators and organizations to interact with friends, fans, and the community. In its most simple form, Zeevo can be used to collect feedback, ideas, and direction. In that regard, you can think of Zeevo as forms software. In Zeevo land, a form is called a sequence, and when a user completes a sequence, they are rewarded with a customized proof of participation(PoP) NFT. 

DAOs Need Coordination Tools 

While our long-term vision includes a myriad of use-cases, we chose to focus on DAOs for the initial launch. As DAOs evolve and grow, coordination becomes difficult. We saw DAOs using outdated forms software and knew that we could do better. Heavily inspired by an Owocki tweet on the perils of Moloch and the promise of coordination, we decided to build the Zeevo MVP with DAOs in mind.   

May 19th, 2022

Zeevo is an application built for creators to interact, organize, coordinate, and build community. With our alpha launch, Zeevo gives the ability to create surveys and curate content as interactive sequences.

Respondents are rewarded with customizable proof of participation(PoP) NFTs to incentivize engagement and grow your community with Web3.

Whether you're organizing a DAO, hosting a podcast, or building an NFT collection, Zeevo gives you the ability to create unique interactive content and reward your audience for their attention, ideas, feedback, and contributions.