June 1st, 2022

Even though the trend in the market has been completely bloody for a couple of weeks (or months that might turn into years). Nobody can wait for the next bull run to start BUIDLing again (not LUNA tho, though those guys are way too REKT now, or did they just keep all the BTC, who knows?).

However, the NFT market has been losing its volume since last year, and this was pretty much evident depending on the craze we saw last year. Only the strong survive, rest, and just die out with time.

But this hasn’t stopped OpenSea to launch new products. More recently, the platform announced the launch of a new WEB 3 Marketplace called Seaport, a place meant for safer and smoother transactions of NFTs (though this might just be the start of things Seaport is capable of hosting!)

April 12th, 2022

GenieSwap, the first NFT marketplace aggregator, sounded like a pretty good project to invest in during the NFT boom. Genie primarily works by bringing all the different NFT platforms together and allowing us to buy NFTs using a single interface and a single smart contract.

However, things haven’t been good for the project lately; let’s dive into the data and try finding investment opportunities.

March 20th, 2022

Lido Finance allows us to stake our ETH 1.0 by locking it until the proof of work to proof of stake transition completes while allowing us to earn interest and still be able to use our locked ETH in the form of stETH (using which you can participate in Defi ecosystem and still earn interests.)

In simpler words, you can earn interest on ETH with staking, and at the same time use stETH to borrow or lend on AAVE, Curve, Yearn, etc.

Jumping to: Should we invest in Lido?

Let’s talk about a few things before we draw any conclusions:

March 2nd, 2022

The Ukraine-Russia war is divided into two halves; one is being fought on the field, and the other is digital. Believers from around the world are pouring in their support for Ukraine through digital payment channels, and bitcoin is leading the digital currency war alongside Ukraine.

Data from SlowMist shows that support for Ukraine is coming from all directions. While the fear of nuclear attacks remains, the saga of digital financial war between Russia and Ukraine will wage.

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February 6th, 2022

Where’s Bitcoin Going after Yesterday’s pump? The On-Chain Stories #1

The bloody January (are we calling it that now?) had reduced our bitcoin portfolios by over 45% in just a month. However, the market bounced back yesterday, and bitcoin went back up by over 12% in a single day. These are the most significant gains in bitcoin we’ve seen in the new year or maybe since the last all-time high (don’t tell me that was it! Wait, was it?).

Actually, the point of this article is something else. Will bitcoin be able to go higher, or is this just a rebound of the crash we saw the entire month? Let’s try and find out:

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