February 26th, 2022




不正や不正義に対する憤りを持つ人は少なくないだろう。また、それを表明し、告発しようとする人が絶えることもない。しかし、憤りを持続させ、多くの圧力に負けずに批判や抵抗を持続させるのは困難だ。我々の生の時間は限られており、その時間をなるべく幸福に安心して過ごしたい。成果や報酬の乏しい闘いをつづける のは辛い。そのような事実の先にやってくるのは「諦め」という感情だろう。

January 21st, 2022

1. 「確信度」を使わない多数決の補正

Natureという自然科学の雑誌に2017年に投稿された面白い投票の仕組み(ここでは仮に「一致率投票 the prediction-normalized vote」と呼んでおきます)を紹介します(A solution to the single-question crowd wisdom problem)。



October 29th, 2021

I. Can We be Good without a Definition of Good?

Many people in society may have good intentions. Yet, protests as an outpouring of goodwill, such as demonstrations and signature drives, are not always fruitful.

Nevertheless, some believe that the protest itself is meaningful and the movement can change the reality by causing the politicians to care about it. But demanding the mental strength to continue activities without feedback, aiming at too distant goals and indirect realizations, is hard. It would be difficult to guarantee that the activities do not degenerate into a protest for protest’s sake.

It is hard for sporadic good intentions to produce results unless they are connected in some way. Although, there are histories of further tragedies (Nazism, massacres in the Soviet Union, etc.) in “revolutionary movements = organizational renewal” that centralize movements from the top.

October 16th, 2021

Apple Daily, Blockchain and Beyond

There is a project trying to create a "Library of Alexandria with no administrator" using blockchain.

In current Hong Kong, wearing a t-shirt criticizing the government is enough to be detained. The democratic party could have won a majority in the legislative elections in September 2020 due to public opposition to the National Security Law. However, a massive change in the law enforced by the Chinese leadership has destroyed the chance.

One of the symbolic events of suppressing speech was the abolition of Apple Daily in June 2021. The executives were arrested under the Maintenance of Security Act, their assets were frozen, and their website and social media disappeared.